About Us

Why can't reliable cool looking products also be affordable? We asked the same question. As brothers and business partners we have traveled the world over the last 35 years developing and sourcing products to make outdoor living easier. Our philosophy is simple, offer Ruggedly Cool outdoor products that are affordable and most importantly designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

Growing up we were fortunate to spend a good part of our childhood years on our grandparent’s farm. Those experiences shaped our love for the outdoors as we enjoyed fishing, boating, hunting and spending time with family and friends. Those weekly gatherings we sometimes called base camp and was the inspiration for CAMP-ZERO. Our father always taught us to be true to ourselves, remember our roots and always pursue our passions. This philosophy was instrumental developing quality products that are affordable and most important reliable. CAMP-ZERO products are designed and built to perform under the most extreme conditions, whether you are headed out to camp, hunt, fish, boat, tailgate or just attend a family picnic, CAMP-ZERO branded products make Outdoor Living Made Easier.

We at CAMP-ZERO believe putting products to the test everyday ensures that the durability and performance exceeds the demands our customers expect. We hope CAMP-ZERO can be part of next Ruggedly Cool adventure.


Tim & Jim