About Us

Why can't reliable cool looking products also be affordable? We asked the same question. As brothers and business partners we have traveled the world over the last 30 years developing and sourcing products to make outdoor living easier.

Growing up in the Midwest we spent a good part of our childhood years on our grandparents farm. Those  years of hunting and fishing were the fundamental start of our love and respect for the outdoors. Our father taught us early on the importance of following our dreams and devoting all our energy into making those dreams a reality. Reaching back to those early years was the foundation and inspiration in the development for Camp-Zero products. 

Our philosophy is simple, offer Ruggedly Cool outdoor products that are affordable and most importantly designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Whether you are headed to camp, hunt, fish, tailgate or just attend a family picnic, Camp-Zero branded products will always have your back.

We believe it’s time for an affordable quality product that you can count on. Are you ready for your next Ruggedly Cool adventure? 

Jim & Tim